Recent buys! 4 rompers (looks like only 3 but one is actually full black), 5 tops, and pajama inspired pants (absolutely INLOVE with those, I need more!)
What I eat almost everyday! 
1 avocado
3/4 eggs
2 fish tilapias
10-15 grape tomatoes
followed your ig but do u follow back ppl? :)
- Anonymous

Not unless I like you

can i know whats ur full name? :/
- Anonymous

Let’s just go with Pearl

i means , post a selfie :) you so cute with braces ! i swear^^
- Anonymous


do you active on instagram?
- Anonymous

pearlmitsujiā€‹ is my IG

Long distance relationships aren’t easy at all. But I’ll try my best, as long as you try yours.

I reaaaaally miss Jollibee! It’s like the only place where I eat burgers! They’re so plain but sooo good! šŸ˜­